Coating Stabilization System

The Coating Stabilization System stabilizes movement by closely encasing the feet in the shoes. This effectively protects the foot and ankle, hence preventing injury.

Shock Absorption System

The suspension system absorbs shock and disperses external pressure, providing a cushioned support for the feet upon landing, and at the same time, propels the feet forward.


The T-Touch bounce system encompasses a heelpiece that is made of a soft, spring-like material, which cushions and propels the feet forward.

Ground Shock Damping System

The GDS-3G technology comprises of an arched structure that effectively absorbs shock and lessens impact, ensuring fluid motion when exercising.

ABS Brake System

The ABS Brake System effectively prevents sliding in high-speed movements, enabling one to break or change direction instantly.

Hi-Density Grip System

The Hi-Density Grip System is a combination of ERKE’s exclusive grip system and high-density rubber. Its unique ultra-wear characteristics promise excellent performance regardless of the terrain.

Shell System

ERKE released the shock-damping technology. The idea stems from the turtle shell. The hard turtle shell can bear a hundredfold of its own weight.

Air Circulation System

The 360-degree internal air circulation system dispels heat and moisture, keeping your feet cool, dry and comfortable.

Arch Support Technology

The arch shock absorption technology is able to withstand external pressure and has excellent shock absorption function that relieves the impact the heels suffer.


Use “High Density Memory Material” as the core of insole, have the advantage of “Natural Stress-Free” wearing experience.